Machine for the realization of medium-large prototypes in different materials


To ensure a more complete and efficient service to its customers, Modelleria Modenese has al long supplemented the prototyping phase with a subsequent phase of small production series. The customer, turning to a single contact person, can optimize time and resources according to thier specific needs.

Having two different machines, OBJECT EDEN 500V and FORTUS 400, we are able to produce rapid prototyping parts of medium/large sizes (e.g. 500x400x200 or 470x400x400) in various materials. We can produce prototypes of very different characteristics from purely aesthetic and details of high definition (Object) or very high mechanical characteristics and structural to the gums and silicones.

We can realize prototype with:
  • Aesthetic and details of high definition (Object); 
  • Very high mechanical and structural characteristics ;
  • Gums and silicones.

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