Large metrological room

A large metrological room equipped with bridge crane and able to accomodate cars in 1:1 scale.
Development of custom test programs for serial PLOTS.
We can measure hardness and roughness of materials.
Testing tools
  • Measuring machine  with 2 Pole Winner model scribers, large size plane size: 5000 x 2000 x 2000.
  • Motorized and comtemporary Management of Vernier height gauges, with mathematical control through metrolog-xg/twin software.
  • Measuring Machine Wenzel motorized gantry with automatic head 1700x800x700 for precision measurements.
  • Manual test plan Fratelli Rotondi 5000 x 2200 x 1900 with two Vernier height gauges displayed. Ideal for component assembly maquette.
  • Micrometers - bore meters - j-block - digital gauges - p/np swabs.
  • MAHR Altimeter - two Zimmermann tracing scribers.
  • Palm-top roughness and hardness.
  • Profilometer Mitutoyo Contracer CV-3200.
Calibration of measuring machines will be certified annually.