Prototyping of high reliability

The real showpiece of Modelleria Modenese

Modelleria Modenese since the early years of activity has well understood the importance of prototyping of high reliability. Achieving the same has always accompanied or preceded other activites of the company, becoming the real showpiece.

The territorial proximity with some of the major international automobile companies brought in Modelleria Modenese in the fiels of special productions.

The realization of entire scale models for wind tunnel aerodynamic testing, functional new cars, to the realization of individual details in aluminium or steel machined from solid, now enables the company to offer a complete service and extremely refined for a sector of great importance in a national scale.

The activity of the company down to the design and manufacture of dies for lamination and carbon processing for car, motorcycle and racing boats.

Small productions, ranging from a minimumaf a few individuals to a maximum of fifty pieces, make it possible to meet the demands of small customers with reduced numerical requirements, but also of large customers who need to produce special limited edition.

Modelleria Modenese equipment in this field makes it possible to guarantee a constant high quality.

In the automotive sector the small productions were pushed up to the realisation of interiors complete with cars, made in Productions Limited Edition custom cars, for presentations in international exhibitions. Starting from the design phase, through the creation of models, molds, prototypes and final complete mounting parts, ensuring, as a single point of contact, the best control and optimization of all production phase.