3D Digitizing

3D digitalization allows scanning of the shape of any object.

With the acquired data you can recheck projects, faithful to the original copies, make changes, etc..

The COMET is a system of structured light scanning that captures millions of points on a surface of one square meter No 2 seconds. The acquired data are transformed int STL format recognized by leading CAD programs.

The COMET5 11 Mpixel version, the last born in the House Steinbichler, acquires 11 million points in a single click. It is the only system on the market today with this resolution.

Thanks to the rich supplied optional elements, easily convertible into COMET5 in an automated measuring system.

COMET5 portability is one of the salient features, it is no longer necessary to bring the object into a measuring Chamber but you can move the system wherever it is needed.

COMET5 system has an accuracy that varies depending on the measuring range from microns to 100 mm and is calibrated directly by the operator through the plates, certified by SIT Center.

Field of application

  • distance and inclination measurement
  • survey of items for automotive, nautical, components
  • works of art